Anger Management

May 1, 2018!

The next session of Anger Management is starting on
September 20, 2018
in our Westshore location. We
‘re at
#204-2780 Veterans Memorial Parkway.
Please call or text to set up your Pre-Group Interview.
Randy Harding  250-812-6363
The mandatory Pre-Group Interviews
will be held during the 2 weeks preceding the group.
(Beginning Sept 4, 2018)
                 Anger does not resolve without change
The cost for 8 group sessions is $160.00. (Handouts included)
Office Info
Enter through Bin 4 parking lot, turn right, drive
past the back parking lot
then right again, to the
front parking lot of 2780 Veterans, 
and go up the stairs.
We’re in #204- the Westshore Counselling offices upstairs.
Mobility concerns? Please pre-arrange after hours elevator (key access)
with Kimberly 250-216-2911 or

Randy       250-812-6363
NEED A GROUP SOONER? There are some great options!
You just need to get into SOMETHING!
The Social Concern Office of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society also has 4 groups a year in Victoria- browse the link-
SVDP Anger Management 
Citizens Counselling Services in Victoria has groups through the year as well.
Call 250-384-9934 or click the link.
Kimberly and Randy are former Citizen’s Counselling Centre volunteers.
Anger Management can improve your understanding of anger in a
group setting, or in individual sessions.
You will discover that anger is a good thing- it lets you know something is wrong.
It can motivate you to change something that’s not working in your life.

Yet, used aggressively or passive- aggressively, anger can decay or destroy the
tender fibre of solid relationships.
The address is 204-2780 Veterans Memorial Parkway.
Langford, BC
Westshore Counselling Services
Dates for the next 8 week course are Thursday nights in the fall of 2018- beginning September 20, 2018.
Times are 7- 9:30 pm at Westshore Counselling in Langford- 204-2780 Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Kimberly Anderson and Randy Harding are facilitators.


Exploring Anger

A good response to anger? ummm NO!

Much better to chill in a less stressful place, THEN later return to the issue.

Much better to chill in a less stressful place, then return to the issue after a cooling off period.


Are you curious to explore what triggers you?
Are you having trouble expressing or managing your anger?
Has someone told you that you need anger management?
Are you looking for tools to deal with angry people?

If you say yes to any of these questions, then this group is for you!

Taking the tense edge away from anger is one part of the approach of this group. It’s our specific focus on embracing humour in this context of discovery. This is a refreshing approach- it can help bring hope in a weary world 🙂

The new Fall session (September 20, 2018 start) is just around the corner- contact Randy to register, to enquire if this group is for you, or to arrange your mandatory
pre-group interview.

Randy- 250-812-6363 Call or text,
Email at



Your facilitators are Kimberly Anderson

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and Randy Harding.