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First Session Letter 

What to expect, and pre-payment procedures for 

Your first appointment.

What you can expect in your first session: 

Once we have talked briefly about confidentiality, we will then 

set a goal for coming to counselling. Some examples are: 

“I want tools to beat anxiety”, or “We’re looking for ways to 

improve communication in our relationship.” If you are not sure what 

your goals are, that is okay- I will help you define them.

The length of each session is 50 minutes.

The cost of your appointment is $140. (GST included) 

     Your pre-payment is required 48 hours before the session, 

                     or I am unable to hold your spot. 

Pre-payment can be done through Credit Card or PayPal,  at the top of this page.

eTransfers can be sent to [email protected]

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Discount prepaid packages are available. 

Your prepayment can be credited to a discount package, 

if you decide to purchase after your first session. 

Having the payment taken care of before your appointment 

will save our valuable time.


If you are unable to eTransfer, then call or text me 

and we will come up with a different solution.

More on what to expect

Be ready to do some work between sessions. 

In our sessions together, we will come up with 

strategies and ideas that will assist you in 

obtaining your goals. 

I am leaving it up to you to do the work, 

while I walk beside you and look for blind spots 

that may be getting in the way. 

This applies to individuals and couples. 

With couples we will also focus on the

grace and mercy that is needed in all 

relationships, especially when trying to reach a goal.

I look forward to meeting with you!


Kimberly Anderson.